Architecture & Design Studio

The Idea

You walk into a fashion store, you see the latest, coolest fashion. And you wish you hadn't purchased that expensive garment 1 year ago, which now looks so outdated. And it's practically still brand new!

Now imagine spending many many many times that amount, to remodel your house, or office. Or build that new dream home. You certainly don't want it to look outdated in a year, or several years, probably never if possible.

Good design doesn't fade, style does. Design means more than just looks, it performs a unique function. And the best designs are born from extremely difficult challenging tasks. My favorite example of good design is the airplane. It has to fly, and there can be no compromises there! And a good analogy for styling is that 50's Cadillac with Tail fins, trying to look like an airplane.. Although terminally cool right now (style always comes around eventually), you can easily tell it is a bit outdated.

So if you have a difficult project, and would like a really innovative solution, let us know. We might make it fly!