Architecture & Design Studio

Greenwich Village Townhouse, 2011

A historical 1850's New York Townhome, which needed to be completely remodeled. A large rear extension was added to the building, while retaining its historic nature. A roof penthouse with a hot tub, and an expansive cellar excavation which added another level to the property. A glass atrium underneath the rear porch brings plenty of natural light, and a stepped interior garden lessens the feeling of being below ground. The main focus of the project are the terracing spiral and arched stairs that expand the view upwards as one climbs to the higher levels.

Apartment Building on 7th Avenue, 2007

The acute front angle of the building, and the narrow lot size made for a very challenging project. A main feature of the design were the see-thru fireplaces located on the front facade. This "firewall" would be decorative both from the street, and from the inside. To superimpose the calm introspective hearth onto the bustling city. The small, but functional kitchens were placed in front, with a great view up and down the Avenue.

Madison Avenue Loft, 2002

This tiny studio apartment was a real challenge. With only 430 square feet at our disposal, but a relatively high celing, the only option was to expand upwards. With creative "excavation" of unused spaces concealed under dropped ceilings, great storage spaces were added on top of the kitchen and bath. A "floating" loft bed was squeezed between beams, with just enough height to sit comfortably upright, and step onto the lower platform - which also doubled up as a tiny office. The stairs all expand, lift, rotate to give access to hidden storage spaces.

Hoboken Brownstone, 2010

The challenge was to incorporate modern amenities, while keeping the wonderfully preserved historic detail. Abundant with woodwork, and a rich patina from the 1880's, we used traditional materials and craftsmanship to keep the spirit of the house. The organic forms contrast the Victorian style, not trying to blend in, but also not clashing.