Architecture & Design Studio

Folditure, 2012

Alexander launched Folditure with the Leaf chair, the world's thinnest ever folding chair. Folditure is a new furniture brand, dedicated to creating groundbreaking folding products that will revolutionize the way we think about and use furniture. The picture on the left is the limited edition Leaf, which is now on display at the Brooklyn Museum. For more information on Folditure, please visit:

Typewriter Table, 2003

This glass table was made using a cast iron stand of an unusual antique sewing machine. The stand has uneven legs, and there is a typewriter encased in class underneath the table top.

CD cabinet, 1998

The cabinet was made to house a collection of disks, and audio tapes. The tapes fit in the doors, and when the cabinet is closed they nest into the curved cavity created by the disks. The cabinet body is made of plywood shapes laminated together.

Office Desk, 2012

An office desk with adjustable legs, made of black threaded pipe with common cast iron plumbing fittings. Originally designed for a glass top, several were made with countertops of reclaimed pine.